Monday, May 23, 2011

Hubby to the Rescue!

It has been insanely busy so early in the "wedding season" this year. Hubby has been asked to participate as a mentor/speaker at a couple photography conferences, one of which just past. He has had to travel quite a bit for this first half of the year and he is desperately trying to stay on top of all the work.

Most of our clients book our services about a year or more in advance though lately there have been a few same-year bookings for weddings. Yesterday, after having completed 3 consultations and on his way to a photo session that afternoon, I got a voice message from Hubby's cousin. I also was on Facebook and happenned to see a message from an acquaintence. Both messages were frantic pleas, checking to see if Hubby would be available and willing to photograph a very last minute wedding that afternoon. A couple at a venue about 15 minutes from our home was to be wed in a couple of hours and their photographer had to bail out at the last second due to appendicitis.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard this news. The first thought that came to mind was "Who the heck is this photographer and why don't they have a backup?" One of the questions I would always prompt couples to ask us as well as other couples when meeting them during a consultation meeting (when I used to participate, before pregnancy) was to ask about a BACKUP PLAN! It is so crucial to be sure that any vendor, especially the photographer, belongs to a network of highly qualified wedding photographers, in the rare instance that some unforeseen circumstance comes up and s/he is unable to document the wedding.

Then I began to feel sick for the couple. Having just renewed our vows, I know that our main priority was great photography. Had our photographer been unable to photograph us, I would have been a total mess and maybe even willing to postpone the event. (I exaggerate but who knows what I would have done?) I am confident that he would have had a backup plan. Heck, bro-in-law would have been able to photograph us, as he is Hubby's right hand man at weddings.

I called up Hubby, explaining the situation, and we set up plans for him to postpone his afternoon shoot and head over to the wedding. I was also able to contact bro-in-law, who was willing to step in, as well. Fortunately, the entire wedding day was happening at the same location: bridal prep, ceremony, and reception. This made it much easier for Hub and BIL. Also, he had just finished a wedding the night before so the car was already loaded with all his gear. I cannot tell you how perfect the circumstances were for Hubby & BIL to step in, as normally weekends, beginning in May, are totally booked.

Dressed in his typical flip flops, tee shirt, and shorts, Hubby arrived and began his duty for the day. My job was to get him lunch and his wedding attire which I was able to do in about 40 minutes. Upon my arrival, the bridesmaids were laughing along with Hubby who was demonstrating how to pose for their solo portraits. The bride was getting makeup and hair done, appearing cool and collected. The mother of the bride was finally able to settle down and wipe the worry from her face.

It turns out that the bride is someone that I knew years ago when I was in junior high. She was one of the young adult leaders of the local organization I had interned at. I had always admired her and the work she did so I felt good about being able to help her out. She deserves it!

At the end of the night, Hubby came home and showed me the same day slideshow he had created for the reception. The photos were, of course, gorgeous. The couple, family, and bridal party were grateful. Hubby was exhausted.

Yesterday, Hubby and BIL were super heroes and saved the day!!!

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