Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today, I feel grateful for:
  • awesome family & friends
  • El's ever growing vocabulary. Just last night, she started saying "okay" and "oh" in the correct context. She'll even repeat syllables, if you ask her too.
  • Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry for dreaming up the idea and the fellow bloggers participating in the Flats & Handwashing Challenge
  • Hummingbird Bakery's yummy cupcakes
  • scribbled on sticky notes left in surprising places
  • a lazy Saturday morning alone with El
  • hoodie sweatshirts that have "ears" attached to the hood
  • Legos
  • a clean sink and dishes all washed, courtesy of Hubby
  • reviving my point-and-shoot camera and commitment to keep up with photo cataloging and sharing

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