Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hobble, Hobble, Limp, Limp

A couple of weeks ago, I was perusing Facebook and found a Youtube link on a friend's page. It was a public service announcement to remind us all to wear sunscreen and check our moles. It made me cry... then I did check my moles. Here's the video:

A mole on my back is one another doctor wanted to have removed several years ago but when I went in for that appointment, that doctor said the first doctor was a little too mole-zapping happy as this was one of her research projects. So we decided to wait and see if the mole would change. Having switched health insurance companies, I forgot about that mole until I saw the video. And then I remembered the mole on my foot which my mom said was superstitiously "bad" as it means I "always go out" (true). Another person said it means I "walk out of people's lives." Then I discovered a new mole between my ring and middle fingers.

I didn't think too much of the moles but since I needed to see my doctor anyway, I figured it was a good time to have those checked out. At my appointment last week, the doctor referred me to have photos taken of them at the dermatologist department. They used a Canon Rebel with a very cool lens that, when coated with special jelly and pressed against my skin, acted as a microscope. The resulting images magnified my mole to what looked like x 1million! Gross!

The following day, I was called to make an appointment with a dermatologist. When I went in to see her yesterday, we reviewed the images. She assured me that the mole between my fingers and the one on my back are fine as they are even colored and have solid edges. But the mole on my foot was NOT evenly pigmented and had uneven edges. The doctor said she wasnt' worried but to be on the safe side, it's best to have it removed and biopsied. She recommended that we have that one removed.

I didn't realize she meant immediately, like during that appointment. She asked me to turn over onto my belly on the bed. With little warning, I was injected with anesthesia and boy was that painful! Apparently, there are many nerve endings on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. After that, all I could feel was some light pressure which was the actual slicing off of the mole and what felt like thread pulling through my skin but no pain. I ended up with two stitches and was given some care instructions and a suture removal kit, in case the sutures don't fall out in 7-10 days.

Since then, I have been walking on one tip toe so as to avoid any pressure on my foot, hobbling and limping as I go. There was no pain yesterday and some today. It will be interesting getting through the next week or so with these stitches, especially since my birthday and Memorial Day weekend are coming up!
I'll find out the results just by the end of May.

Thank you, Sara, for spreading the word about Melanoma! By the way, Sara is the owner of Stinkerpants Design and is an awesome illustrator, specializing in stationary & invitation design and just started her own adorable baby & toddlers' clothing line. Check our her beautiful blog:

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