Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day surprise

i love it when the hubby and el visit me at work. today, they unexpectedly dropped by with senorita bread and starbucks drinks for my department. hubby is THE best! surprising me isn't something that he's well versed in and the fact that he thought of me and my colleagues makes it an even better treat. thanks, babe!

as much as i love a little bit of "el time," its definitely a tease for the both of us. she leaves a little unhappy and clingy. oddly, i wasn't ever really the type to feel sad when i left her for work but lately, it has become harder. maybe its because she's beginning to verbalize more that she misses me. so bittersweet...

love this guy

and this girl!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 months

i can't believe i have a 2.5 year old. =)

each day, it seems this spunky little toddler learns a new word/phrase, can identify a letter, put on an article of clothing, throw a deeper level of a tantrum, tries a new food or hates a food she used to love, or learns to fib. amazing...

some things that have cracked me up recently:

  • out of the blue, she'll say, "i don't want anyone to touch my butt-butt or peck-peck" (i.e. private parts.) i'll often tell her this when i'm changing her, though i try to throw in the disclaimer of only when someone is washing you or if its the doctor, though even this is confusing to me... i'll have to figure out how to continue to have this discussion in a more clear way.
  • el is fascinated by my invisilign braces and will request, "mommy, let me see your teeth."
  • during our recent breakfast and first time at black bear diner, el began to freak out when the bear character came out to greet all the guests. i told her to just wave him goodbye and she says, "i don't like the daddy bear! i want to see the mama bear."
  • during car trips, el will ask "daddy, are you driving? mommy, are you in the front?" if i'm driving, she'll say "i want daddy to drive! you sit in the front!"so demanding!
  • during our hawaii trip when the adults were discussing our strategy for moving our stuff to the new "hotel" room, el says, "mommy, i want to hold the tail!"
it's almost that time to begin planning for el's third birthday. as hubby will be photographing a wedding in nyc, we plan to join him. we may end up having a family vacation in lieu of a bday party. of course, at some point, we'll have to have birthday cake. =)

she loves her minnie ears, which we bought at the santa ana walmart for $10 less than at the disney shops.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


today, i feel grateful for:

  • awesome family & friends
  • el finally understanding that christmas is over and that's why we don't sing/play christmas songs anymore
  • barrettes and hair bands
  • el and ev youtubing "disneyland" and talking about what they saw together on their recent trip
  • hubby's successful prk procedure (like lasik) and his doctor's wise decision to work on one eye at a time, given the nature of hubby's profession
  • broiled bangus (milk fish)
  • the yummy treats and words of gratitude/recognition our department has received in honor of school counselor appreciation week
  • reading stories to el and having her read to me
  • my commitment to responding to work emails/messages in a timelier manner
  • my heart candy valentine socks
its national school counseling week!