Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3: Flats & Handwashing Challenge

Today is Day 3 of the Dirty Diaper Laundry's Flats & Handwashing Challenge. (For info about the challenge, you can view Dirty Diaper Laundry's site, my blog post about my preparation, Day 1, and Day 2.)

Again, it's a busy day at work with the end of the school year nearing. Lola ended up taking the night off from work (she has a rotating schedule) and stayed home to watch El and cousin Ev. Hubby and I had a BLAST at the Glee concert last night. We drove directly to my mom's house to pick up El around midnight but she was fast asleep in bed with Ev, Lola in the middle. (Such a cute sight!) As I was about to pick El up from the bed, my mom prompted me to leave her for the night. I was all too cooperative as any night where Hubby and I can sprawl out in bed and not be the vertical lines of the letter "H" with El as the horizontal line is welcome and way more comfortable in our queen bed. I didn't get a chance to see what diaper she had on nor did I check her wetbag for the dirty flats. I did see that she still had plenty of covers and flats in her diaper bag for today.

This afternoon, Hubby and I had a meeting so Grandma watched El. Before we left, I was able to find the rest of the cloth diaper stash and separate the flats from the pockets. I left a few flats and a couple covers with Grandma and brought the rest of the diapers with us home to hide away for the rest of the week.


(Morning of Day 4)
Dang, I missed the McLinky!

I had planned to wash last night but couldn't bear tearing myself away from holding the sleepy one after having had such a busy week. We sat on the couch and watched a few DVR'd shows before heading to bed.

El is still sleeping and is wearing a snappi'd flat in the "diaper bag" fold under fleece pants. 100% polyester fleece acts as a waterproof cover as long as the diaper is absorbent enough. Since El doesn't really wet too much at night anymore, I'm not worried about absorbency issues. This fold is AWESOME for "prefolding" flats.

Here is a video of the "diaper bag" fold:

Video by: Dirty Diaper Laundry

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