Saturday, April 6, 2013

gratitude - 04.06.2013

today, i feel grateful for:
  • awesome family & friends
  • a wonderful spring break, creating new memories with hubby, el, and my teen cousins/nephew during their first trip to oahu
  • homecooked meals at mom and dad's
  • color coded calendars
  • feeling good during the second trimester and being more than half way there 'til d-day!
  • "be a good girl and ask santa" being a satisfactory response to el's requests for new toys
  • the return of flip flop weather
  • catching up with good friends over dinner at their house last night (thanks jjr&s!)
  • finally organizing my correspondence corner in my kitchen this morning
  • hubby, for learning how to use our washer and dryer!

23 weeks, during our oahu spring break vacation