Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Workday Mornings

I still have yet to really set into a schedule with El. It seems like there's always some event coming up or changes around the corner so it becomes difficult to plan things out. Our moms are on a rotating schedule and Hubby's photo sessions and meeting times vary. I don't know when or where El will be eating her meals or taking her bath, I just know that it'll get done by one of us. I envy those who are able to stick with a daily routine. Yet, I also am very happy that El gets to be cared for by so many loving family members.

The most difficult period of the day has been leaving for work in the mornings. When I first started the school year, El would just sleep through the mornings and Hubby would continue to sleep with her. Nowadays, she seems to want to get up just as I am getting ready for work around 6:00-6:30am. There have been a couple of occassions where I just ducked inside our closet or brought my clothes into a different room just as she began to stir awake to avoid having her watch me leave, which is her most vulnerable moment... and mine, too! On those tearful mornings, I usually end up late to work.

Lately, she's been up once I get up. El normally takes her daily bath sometime after lunch with Grandma or Lola or sometimes with Dad in the morning. But since I just bought some awesome bubble bath from Whole Foods by Everyday Shea and taking advantage of the fact that she LOVES bubbles, I started her a bubble bath yesterday morning. She was amazed at the bubbles! It was then that I realized that her baths at Grandma's and Lola's probably are not bubbly so the novelty of this had her enraptured. She quickly undressed (or as much as she could do on her own) and was excited to hop in her little bathtub.

Everyday Shea Bubble Bath
Everyday Shea Bubble Bath. The Calming Lemon-Lavender smells great!

Once I was ready, I said my goodbyes and she didn't bat an eye. She kissed me and waved me off, as her daddy supervised. I was thrilled! We did the same this morning and she was just as fine. This might just be our new morning routine!

El attempting to "pop" the bubbles.

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