Monday, June 20, 2011


Today, I feel grateful for:

Pirate Ship

  • having Father's Day off so we could spend time together as a family

The three of us =)

  • my nephew, B, and niece, R, staying with my parents over summer break and El enjoying their company so much
Ice cream and Starbucks break

  • One of my BFFs staying with her side of the fam this summer and hopefully the three of us BFFs being able to hang out more the next few weeks

  • Mizu in Natomas
  • Window fans
  • Redbox
  • being able to smell the fragrance from my dad's blooming garden as I pull into their driveway

Dad's beautiful garden

  • Catching up with great friends who also enjoy yummy food

With the Cards fam (Wish we had been able to include the "A" fam, who left before this photo was taken.)

Silly photo

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