Monday, June 13, 2011

Kite Flying

Yesterday, Hubby had no prior commitments. That's pretty rare for a Sunday in June, as free weekends become a "hot commodity" during wedding season. We took the opportunity to spend the day together as a family, especially with the nice weather. It might have been the first day this year in which we all wore shorts finally!

We ate lunch at Yo Sushi, our fave sushi spot in town. Afterwards, we decided to go the "Big Slide" park in the next town over. Since this park tends to be pretty windy, Hubby had the idea of kite flying there. The Safeway across the parking lot from the restaurant happened to sell them for $6 and I was pleased they were a nylon material rather than the cheap plastic ones I'm used to.

Upon sight, El quickly grew excited and signed the word "kite." It amazes me that she learned the sign when we were in Hawaii in January when we were at a very windy beach and hadn't used the sign since. It reminds me how much kid are really "sponges" at this age.

Our colorful kite from Safeway

It was only mildly windy but enough so that we were able to get the kite flying for a few minutes at a time. Other folks had the same idea and we saw 2-3 other families flying kites. When my kite flew higher than the rest of the kites, I couldn't help but yell "I'm the winner!," thinking I couldn't be heard over the wind. I was wrong. Hubby heard me and was slightly embarassed. Ha!

I had an advantage of height since I sat atop a slope when it was my turn to fly the kite.

El learning how to fly a kite for the first time, starting to show signs of her "sleepy face."

It was well into naptime after a few runs of the kite and El began making her sleepy face. She drank a sippy of milk and seemed drowsy enough to fall asleep. Boy would it have been nice to fall asleep on the grass together but she still was still too engaged in the park's activities.

Getting ready to nap, maybe

Resting with Daddy but not sleepy enough for a nap!

Eventually, we headed across the field to the playground where there were a couple of parties in the nearby picnic areas. She played for just a few minutes before become quite fussy. By the time we left, she was on the verge of a meltdown so we were quick to buckle her into her car seat. Just like magic, she was out once we had driven out of the parking lot. =)

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