Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday was our school's graduation ceremony and the last day of school. Whew! It's finally over!!! It was a hectic day indeed...

The morning started with the excitement of graduation practice. Organizing a graduation for almost 300 students is quite a feat. The lineup of students is layed out on individual 8x11" paper printed with each student's name, mapped out across the gymnasium floor. Just finding their names is an ordeal. Once the students were able to locate their names, the rest of practice went smoothly as we practiced marching in to the field, sitting, walking on and off stage, and dismissal.

Running through the pre-graduation ceremony lineup

My view of the rear of the field, from the stage

Just after our lunch break, we received some frightening news of a shooting that occurred a block away from our school. Sadly, one of the victims is an alumnus of our school. =( Fortunately, we've heard that he has survived though he is in critical condition.

Later that afternoon, we headed back to the gymnasium, the students in red or white gowns and the staff in black gowns. As much as I hated having to spend $70 on a gown I thought I would only wear once, it has served me well as I have worn it almost every year at each graduation ceremony I have been a part of. All the grads looked fabulous! I was eager to practice announcing the names of the students in my section, which is always a high-pressure task. I was lucky to have relatively easy names to read this year.

As we marched onto the field, I could see all the enthusiastic family and friends in the stands. I was also quite proud during the ceremony to see my younger cousin, Ry, graduate this year. =) I tried to locate my family in the crowd but wasn't able to.

C, my own high school counselor-turned-colleague, who helped inspire my goal of becoming a counselor/educator and is my mentor =)

Announcing names this year was much less nerve-racking than in years past. I think it might have been because I didn't get as much time to practice so there was less time to be nervous. Plus, I think I had made more of an effort to clarify pronunciation of my students' names whenever I met with them in anticipation of this day all throughout this year.

My view of the grads and stadium

After the ceremony, I was able to locate my cousin fairly quickly. We met up with the rest of our family for a few photos with the rest of the cousins and I joined them at R's house for a quick dinner before heading out to meet up with some of the teachers and counselors and their partners for some celebrating of our own. =)

It was my first time at The Rellik Tavern in Benicia, a cute bar my sister spoke highly of. I can see why she frequented on a near weekly basis with her friends.

The Rellik

I was only able to stay for about an hour but it was a great way to end the night with my colleague friends... I even held A's family pet- a ball python! She wears that reptile like her favorite bracelet!

A's family pet- a baby ball python!

Congratulations to the Class of 2011! I wish you all luck in all your future endeavors!!

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