Friday, June 3, 2011


I've been battling some kind of cold lately and it has sucked. I ended up having to go home early yesterday and probably slept a good 5-6 hours. I woke up feeling better but still felt under the weather. No appetite; achy; feverish; coughing with a hoarse voice.

El had spent the night at Grandma's on Wednesday. I debated whether or not to pick her up last night, as I wanted to avoid getting her sick, too. (Gotta miss those nursing days of super immunity!) Around midnight when Hubby had come home from his workshop, Bro-in-law dropped off El (who was wide awake still as she had taken a very late nap that early evening). I was so excited to see her! It felt like ages since I'd seen her last and it felt great to have her home.

Today, I feel much better which is a good thing, considering we have a big weekend planned. Tonight is my school's retirement dinner, which thankfully Hubby will be able to attend with me. We have some fun stuff planned for the rest of the weekend but Hubby and I will surely need to catch up on work from taking off time last week for my bday celebrations.

Happy Friday & weekend, all!


  1. i hope you feel better. if there's anything that i can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. =)

    love you,