Friday, March 30, 2012

things i do that bug my husband...

in honor of our 7th anniversary, here is a list of top 7 things i do that annoy hubby:
  1. that i don't always squeegee the shower doors when i finish showering
  2. forgetting to tell him i need an oil change once the reminder gets to 60% (he had to tell me it's like a grading system and that 60% is an F)
  3. leaving the fridge doors open when i grab something from the fridge for just a "few minutes" (i know, i know, i try to conserve resources as much as possible but this is one bad eco-unfriendly habit i have.)
  4.  crumbs in the bed (i like to blame this on el)
  5. sharing a drink or dip that includes a spoon in it (i like to keep it in the there to keep the contents well mixed. he says it gets in the way)
  6. nagging ("but i wouldn't have to repeat myself if you would do it the first time!" =)
  7. trying to intertwine my toes with his in a "toe hug"
annoying as these things may be, you're stuck!!!! muahahahaha!!!!

it's nice to know that flaws and all, i'm loved. here's to 7 years of marriage and many, many more to come. ("they've just finished playing the opening intro and title screen." =)

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