Saturday, March 17, 2012

going solo for the next 3 weeks

el and hubby left for the philippines on wednesday. i was sad. i cried for a few seconds. i decided not to wait at the airport with them for check-in to avoid prolonging the agony of knowing i would be without them for the next 20 plus odd days...

then after skyping with them the first day afterwards and seeing such joyful photos of el, hubby, his bro, and his mom, i realize what an awesome adventure they would have and i felt okay. jealous, a little. but mostly, i'm somewhat looking forward to my own solo adventure for the next 3 weeks.

i'm sleeping more soundly with no interruptions, more space in the bed, and no need to get up to prepare for anyone else but myself. wow, daily life was so much easier without a husband and child, i tell ya. =) one of my coworkers seemed to be checking up on me yesterday as we left school for the weekend and asked "you'll be at your parents, right?" as if, i might be sad or lonely.

but i'm actually having fun!

i went out with the moms club of ac, the organization i belong to in our new town, to a comedy club last night. this was the first event i attended and my good friend, jas, was kind enough to be dd for the night. one departing message from one of the acts was to "keep it sexy!" i realize how hard that is when you get bogged down with the daily routine and get so busy, having to care for others, maintain a job (or two, in my case), handle your finances, keep a home, etc. what a timely message this is for me, as i can't remember the last time i didn't just do for myself. i'll get an afternoon, here and there but this is my first time i haven't had to worry about anyone but myself for more than a couple days. and boy, is it a nice change.

today, i was supposed to do some work for the business, like i would normally do on a typical saturday. my good friend, bry, called me up to go for lunch with his fiance, "i", and their son, who is also my godson. without any hesitation, i jumped in my car and drove over to their place in alameda. they treated me out to a noodle house in chinatown i've never eaten at. yum! we've been hanging out all day, playing draw something and crackin' up. now, i'm sitting here at a boba tea shop waiting for "i" to finish up an appointment with their realtor and then, we'll be off to the movies for my second gal pal night in a row.

i can either choose to be sad and mopey about my family's absence. or i can take reign of all this time to myself and enjoy it tot he fullest. i choose the latter.

it's been an awesome day. =)

tomorrow or maybe monday, i'll get back to business. but for now, it's all about me, myself, and "i."

with my godson, luk

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  1. Yay! Enjoy your me time! P.S. Your hair is long!!!