Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day surprise

i love it when the hubby and el visit me at work. today, they unexpectedly dropped by with senorita bread and starbucks drinks for my department. hubby is THE best! surprising me isn't something that he's well versed in and the fact that he thought of me and my colleagues makes it an even better treat. thanks, babe!

as much as i love a little bit of "el time," its definitely a tease for the both of us. she leaves a little unhappy and clingy. oddly, i wasn't ever really the type to feel sad when i left her for work but lately, it has become harder. maybe its because she's beginning to verbalize more that she misses me. so bittersweet...

love this guy

and this girl!

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  1. Aw 2 points for hubby. :) It does get harder as they get older cause they start being able to articulate how they feel. So sweet. Proud of you for being such a great mom. Seriously.