Thursday, February 9, 2012


today, i feel grateful for:

  • awesome family & friends
  • el finally understanding that christmas is over and that's why we don't sing/play christmas songs anymore
  • barrettes and hair bands
  • el and ev youtubing "disneyland" and talking about what they saw together on their recent trip
  • hubby's successful prk procedure (like lasik) and his doctor's wise decision to work on one eye at a time, given the nature of hubby's profession
  • broiled bangus (milk fish)
  • the yummy treats and words of gratitude/recognition our department has received in honor of school counselor appreciation week
  • reading stories to el and having her read to me
  • my commitment to responding to work emails/messages in a timelier manner
  • my heart candy valentine socks
its national school counseling week!

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