Monday, December 12, 2011


Today, I feel grateful for:
  • awesome family & friends
  • El's continuing discussions with us about her love/hate relationship with Santa ("I'm not scared! I want to see Santa! He's gonna give me a present?" "I scared of Santa! Santa a scary monster!!!! Ani cried!"
  • attending the Napa Holiday Faire and having lunch at Oxbow with the Goooooooooo's. It's always fun to hang out with El's best buddy and fam. =)
  • colleagues who rock harder than granite! They are the best bunch to work with, I swear...
  • the footage of me and my fellow counselors breaking up a morning fight on Friday. Fighting isn't funny but the way we tag-teamed was!
  • Finals week followed by two weeks of spending the holidays with my fam and friends
  • Path, my newest social app addiction. It's like instagram married foursquare and their child married the child of facebook and twitter... then had a kid!
  • the dvr'd episode of "Once Upon a Time" I watched today. The show is getting so good!
  • J&J's white elephant gift exchange and holiday potluck over the weekend. I snagged an old Sega Genesis game console and game as a gag gift and a Forever Lazy (snuggie alternative), which was the gift I really wanted. 
  • getting a chance to work at Starbucks with Hubby, like old times... Woohoo, free wifi and heat!

Hard at work

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