Monday, December 5, 2011


Today, I feel grateful for:

  • awesome family & friends

  • El's first dance recital: 2 dance performances with no running off stage and no tears... except for mine! I was so proud of El after she had such a rough couple of practices and dress rehearsal, refusing to get dressed or dance. She can't stop talking about it and enjoyed herself so much!

  • hubby playing the role of "stage dad" and staying with her through the recital and two outfit changes. This was probably the key to El actually performing since she gets so clingy with me. =)

  • sticky notes

  • being almost done with holiday shopping

  • a wonderful time at Benicia's open house on Friday night

  • having my sis with us this holiday season

  • Christmas lights and holiday music on 96.5FM

  • jump houses

  • Starbucks rewards program and redeeming my free drink voucher for a venti soy mocha this morning =)

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