Thursday, August 25, 2011


thank goodness it's almost friday! boy, what a week it has been. it feels like yesterday was only monday and yet here it is thursday. i'm excited for another weekend after a very busy week. work has been consistently HECTIC! and i sense that this will only continue or maybe even increase with the new few weeks ahead of us. our department is getting ready to try out some brand new things and also tighten up past practices, which of course, equates to more work. i'm grateful to have a job in these trying times yet i also wonder the stability of this job, as we continue to hear from the "upper echelon" about the reality of future cuts... it's scary but i try to focus on the present and recognize the importance of my job in guiding and counseling youth. the career is definitely trying at times but oh so rewarding...

i found out that the source of el's itchy soles of her feet are probably due to athlete's foot. it's no wonder when she always wants to walk around barefoot, which she had been doing often at her grandparents' house. fortunately, once i got her her own pairs of flip flops and she received the cutest croc-type skechers, she has been wearing her shoes more often. dr. yee recommends at least 4 weeks of some otc medication to cure it. guess i'm in charge of night treatments and hubby is in charge of the mornings.

i just went to visit our old home this afternoon. how odd this house looks like now devoid of almost all objects. there are a few items still around, mostly in the garage. it just looks so "quiet," if that makes sense. there are little indications of our presence there and a stranger could probably guess that a child or pet lived at our house what with the safety gate at the top of the stairs. indentations from our furniture still mark the carpet. it's a bit sad... i love our new home yet this will always be our first home with so many other firsts: our first pet together, first baby, the first location of our business... lots of memories in this home. i'm hoping for one just more photo of the three of us and with our wiener dog who lives with my parents now in our old house as a way to "close the chapter" on this home...

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