Saturday, August 6, 2011

kids say the darndest things...

i knew that when el became verbal, we'd crack up at the things she would say and do. here are the recent things she's been saying:
  • "i see a boob" (while grabbing my chest) and "i see a butt-butt" (as i change her diaper/undies)
  • "eddie!" (after i call hubby's attention; she tries to say my name but can't pronounce it very while; she used to call uncle by his first name, too.)
  • "happy birthday, mommy!" (she's been saying this ever since my birthday and every time she sees a birthday cake/candles, even on her own recent birthday)
  • "i (like to) eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.." (she loves to sing this song as it's one of the kids' faves on a kids tunes cd while we drive)
  • "whoa, i fall down!" (said while pretending to fall off of furniture or off me)
  • "look mommy, i'm a princess!" (she calls any skirt/dress "princess")
  • "ha-la, HA-LA!" (translates to "hula, hula" as she tries to twirl her hips)
  • "it's/that's MINE!" (boy has she gotten possessive!)
  • "i poot-poot!" (translates to "i farted!")
  • "say WHAAAAAAAAT???" (another line from the kids CD)

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