Saturday, August 20, 2011

first days of school

i went back to work on the second and although it has been crazy, it hasn't been as frantic as it has been since wednesday, the first day of school. i've been loading up on caffeine which, along with my fantastic co-workers, one of whom just returned back to work with us (YIPPEEEE!), have been the saving grace and grounding force that have prevented mental institutionalization. i love my job but there are days when i might beg to differ. there are time constraints, disparity in job description and role responsibilities, and political forces up the wazoo but overall, i really truly enjoy my chosen career field.

we're still in the midst of our big move and i can't fathom when and how we'll unpack the boxes of stuff that more than likely half will need to be donated. we haven't yet moved our washer and dryer so the hamper has been even more full than usual. i'm just glad to finally be living in our new home and am thrilled to do so! a friend of ours described poignantly in a housewarming greeting card why i'm so happy to be living in "amcan." she wrote something to the effect of "welcome to vjo 2.0! amcan is like rancho when we were growing up with lots of kids playing outside and riding bikes..." jaz, you're so right! long are the days when kids roam the streets of rancho 'til dusk, without a care in the world. i have that sense when i'm in our neighborhood.

with the big move(out) almost complete, el's 2nd bday/housewarming party past, and first day of school done, i think my body had lost all of it's adrenaline and protective immunity that comes along with high levels of stress. i've heard that you're more likely to fall ill "after" a stressful period of time and not during. hubby and el had been coughing a few weeks ago and i wasn't that surprised to have not caught their illness since i have pretty good immunity. when my nose started dripping and my sinuses plugged up, i thought it was due to allergies. i blamed my cough on the fumes from the roofing going on at work, wafting into our building. and when i began to fell achy on thursday, i realized i had finally been bit by whatever bug was lingering. i was smart enough by friday to load up on zicam, my favorite homeopathic remedy which is scientifically proven, and anecdotally by me, to shorten and decrease cold symptoms. by friday night, i was well enough to take a trip down to walmart at midnight, probably helped by the 3 hour nap i took after work. today, i feel much better! =)

now to catch up on "business work..."

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