Sunday, October 30, 2011

kids say/do the darndest things

day by day, i am amazed by the the sponge of a brain el has. her sentence length and pronunciation of words continues to improve. she seems to have inherited her verboseness from mama and her quick humor from her dad. here are a few things she has said/done recently that have made us "lol:"

  1. me: "look! daddy cooked you potstickers!" (holding a fork full to her mouth) el: "ooh, pot sticker!"(holds up her hand to receive a "sticker," as she does after every ballet class from her dance teacher)
  2. while snacking on bugles, "it's like 'happy birthday!'" el puts the cone-shaped chip on top of her head like a birthday hat.
  3. "shake your butt butt!" wiggles her bottom.
  4. after receiving applause from practicing her ballet dance in front of our friends and having their full attention, she sticks her pointer finger into my breast and says "that's mommy's boobs!"
  5. anytime she sees a scene in a photo or show she likes, she cries "i wanna go there!!!!!"
  6. after seeing my mom wear a pair of pants similar to mine, she screams "that's my mommy's pants!!! take it off!!!!"
  7. while carrying her, she passes gas. "(giggle) i poot-poot ("farted") in mommy's hand!"
  8. el, to daddy: "i wanna draw daddy's ugly face." (translation: "i wanna draw you making a funny/ugly face") (brings him paper and markers) hubby: "what about mommy? does mommy have an ugly face?" el: "no, mommy's pretty."
  9. whenever the car stops during a car ride, "red means stop! green means go!"
  10. el, pointing to dad's shirt (see below): "what's that daddy?" hubby: "that's a pinata." el: "oh, i wanna hit that!"
hubby's fave shirt

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