Sunday, July 24, 2011

dog days of summer

it's been a relatively mild summer so technically, we haven't had those "dog days" typical of july... still waiting for august, though, so we'll see! (because i'm a nerd, i looked up the origins of "dog days") i'm hopeful that el's birthday celebration next month will be only pleasantly warm since it's an outdoor affair.

i expected to blog more but in keeping up with 4 kids, traveling, some new upcoming changes, prepping for el's birthday party, and still trying to manage the administrative end of hubby's business, it's been hard. after our trip to panama, i checked my camera roll and realize i haven't even really been taking as many photos. i'll commit to documenting our fun-filled days more thoroughly, at least through this upcoming week, which is my last week of vacation before returning back to work. =(

here's a hodgepodge of what we've been up to, in no particular order:

1. shenandoah park

this is our new neighborhood park. i love this park! it gets pretty hot here with little shade but there's plenty for the kids to do here and it's so close to my folks' home (and our new home).

shenandoah park, on a lazy afternoon

2. crafts/diy projects

my dad is king of all things "do-it-yourself." he found the kids playing with a shipping box, wearing it as sort of a monster head dress/costume and he decided to take it one step further to cut a jack-o-lantern face into it. this kept them occupied for a good hour.


3. ice cream!

who doesn't love ice cream, especially in the summer heat? our fave places to go are the rite-aid in benicia or country creamery in american canyon. i'm not gonna lie; i will occasionally use these trips as bribes for good behavior!

we all scream for ice cream!

4. one world, many stories

our local library hosts free weekly family shows on wednesday. this past week was "magic dan." coupled with a trip to the library to return and pick up new books, it's a great way to spend the morning.

magic dan

5. lolo's pool

my dad will do anything to be sure the kids have a great time. at least twice a week, he busts out his wading pool, which is his old in-ground pond shell, cleaned out, and filled with warm water. the kids bring in their goggles, water toys, and make their own floatable toys. it's a hoot to watch them having so much fun.

on this day, my niece "r" was so excited, she forgot to put on her bathing suit. =)

yellow polka dot bikini (notice the new vinyl flooring the kids helped my dad install on his patio. they ripped this up from our house and he didn't want to throw it out! =)

6. play date!

our friend, j, had been wanting some of her mommy friends to get together with our toddlers/babies and we finally found time to get together. obviously, i only brought el. it was a great morning, hanging out in their playroom and just talking parent/baby/woman stuff. =)

a's playroom

7. movie night in the park

american canyon has a weekly kid movie screening on friday nights at dusk. we had been meaning to go but something has always come up. despite the chill, we trekked out in our hoodies, jackets, scarves, beach mat, and blanket. we were surprised to see so many families out (and some teens hanging out with friends), along with free popcorn and $1 drinks/candy. we're surely going to make it to the next one.

"alpha & omega"

8. pool party and bbq

our good friends (recently engaged "bry" and "ire" and have a son, "luk," only one month older than el) have had a couple of pool parties at their condo. the kids love their pool and i love hanging out with their family and friends. they're like our own family and we are godparents to each other's children. =) bry and i have been bff's since college and it was such a fortunate unintentional coincidence that ire and i got pregnant at the same time. it's so awesome that our kids are the same age and even more so, we have very similar parenting styles, so it's easy to bring our kids together.

everyone was surprised to see hubby able to make it out on a saturday event, as he normally has weddings on summer saturdays.

9. sleepovers

when my mom works nights/swing shift, the kids stay at our house, since r would prefer not to sleep alone. we all cram into our living room and watch netflix and on demand movies, while munching on a combo of microwave caramel, kettle, and butter popcorn. the kids end up sleeping close to or even after midnight but that makes for sleeping in so i can get stuff done on those quiet mornings.

r fell asleep while munching on popcorn one night. =)

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